Monday, January 29, 2007

vanity attack!

monday lunch date with bop and gel, spent P180 for a meal. grr! im supposed to be saving money for bop's debut and my trip to uste, but i so love food! anyway, the three of us we're supposed to see each other again in math class later this afternoon, which is great because 2hour lunch dates doesn't quite make it. but math class was canceled. whoopy for me! it means no friggin billy sison, and more time to read othello, which is not really that much fun but i really should be done with it by tonight. yey! puyat mode ulit. coffee. wee!

selle, weng, tine and i went to the rooftop and i brought along with me my Othello book, but it just lied there, overlooked and unloved. haha! with our chapped lips we were singing, accompanied by weng's guitar, we were singing so loud that our voices were probably heard in the first floor. i am quite baffled as to why it's so cold here in elbi. is it usually cold this time of the year? it feels like we're in baguio.

vanity attack, there's no stopping it. we took tons of photos to wrap up the rooftop event. haha!
twas fun, ofcourse. even though if someone happens to pass by the dirt road we'd look totally foolish, and, well, uh, vain. anyway, later tonight we'll be celebrating kuya karl's bday. yey! lots and lots of food. ok, i should be readin othello by now. gotta go be productive.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

random things

i'd rather look happy and seem that i'm feigning exhilaration, than be a bitter bitch by frowning infront of him. but still, my initial reaction was that i fell silent, not because i am hurting, but because i am still trying to digest the thought. i'm still trying to figure out what i really am feeling. and it took me 5 hours to realize that i have moved on. it might hurt, but maybe not as much as it would if this happened days, or weeks ago. i am happy for you, and i do hope it lasts.

preparing for another arduous week. exams on wednesday-friday. meaning, no lunch dates, and no ludy's night in elbi. no princess hours and less hours for blogging. pff!

met up with highschool friends last saturday. i didn't realize just how much i missed them, ofcourse twas emotional, because we have to reprimand the straying vienne. but that wasn't until 7, or something. jear, ayin, nicole and i have benn together since 10. and we ate and stayed at pizza hut for three long hours catching up with stories. and if by some sheer twist of fate they get to read this, i just like to say that i super love you guys. and i just remembered what jajhing told vienne, "kapag pinahamak ka ng mga tropa mo ngayon, magalit ka man samin dahil pinapagalitan ka namin ngayon samin at samin ka pa rin babalik" i might push the tropa bahind my priorities right now, but i really do love them.

ok, excuse me, as i return to my 'othello'
right now, literature is a burden to me.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

thespian circle.

First UPLB Thespian Circle meeting. I am ecstatic! The meeting lasted three hours, as we already have a production to prepare for. Well, it is actually thea115’s production, the thespian circle is really just for support. Anyway, first they put me in the publicity committee with Jin and this other sis (I can’t remember her freakin’ name). Then I volunteered myself for the stage design when the publicity committee has already reached 10 members. Twas all good, I don’t care where I am, these are all for experiences anyway. I am so excited about this 10-day production entitled “spring awakening”. Well, eme will be doing a lot more work than I, because she’s in public relations, she has to call tv and radio stations, she even has to call ccp if she could post some of our advertisements there. while I only have to put up all the designs in the ruins. How the hell can we beautify ruins? And then after the play, we will rush to fix the stage, and we’re going to this for ten days! And, I just have to add that there’s only me and ate Bea. Goodluck!
Unfortunately, I’ve only met my batchmates, and there aren’t anyone who I can call hot. Haha! But there is one whom I noticed simply for his voice. His voice, and nothing else. His laugh fascinated me, if you hear him speak without seeing him you’d probably picture him differently. His voice was deep and manly, almost what you’d expect Zeus’ voice would be. But, unfortunately, that’s it. just the voice, he told me I looked like someone in miss Saigon, too bad I haven’t really watched it. I’ve been meaning to, but it’s not that easy you know.
Throughout the first part of the meeting I’ve been staring at Jin’s back. It is one sexy back. Haha! But anyway, I’ve always thought she’s sexy so it’s no surprise.
Some of my batchmates are blockmates, Kate and Rachel, munsci-an, Biboy, westbrooker, Jin, fil20 classmate, Denise, fellow commarts student, Sab, eng4 classmates, Lei and Angel.
After three hours of meeting, eme and I went straight to square to have dinner!! And after 4 days without rice, I ordered myself a calamares meal. But I only ate half cup of the rice. Haha! TJ and Bum picked us up. Im a sleep now. no coffee for tonight, only lots of good sleep. Goodnight.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

i love wednesdays

i was so edgy about the speech. but i relish in this feeling, this feeling of unfamiliar nervousness, as i stood before 30 of my classmates, my hand shaking in anxiety, i was taunted with questions. will i stutter? will i fall on my butt? will i make a fool of myself and never show my face again? oh, i really love the way my heart races. the fear, the panic, my head trying to remember the next word. boo said i should've gotten used to the attention, "parang ms.intrams lang yan" he said, but it's funny, i've done cheerdance and i danced in many school programs, and yet i still have this freaking stage fright. i love it anyway, so it doesn't matter.
oh well, i was shaking but i guess it wasn't that obvious that i was so jumpy because my prof complimented me. but ofcourse she also criticized me, she said i lack facial expression(the facial expression i practiced all night. asar!). but twas good. good enough for me.
anyway, after math class i went out with bop and gel. i bought myself a 'gogo' i know im on a diet but its like ceasar salad in a soft taco shell. it wouldn't be too bad, would it? grr. ceasar salad with a big chunk of chicken! went to westbrook afterwards, and distributed the scrapbook materials among us, haha! we left the wooden 'baca' for bossing ofcourse. what the hell is she gonna do with it?
eme brought me along to this environmental film showing. twas a documentary about one of the Philippine islands, called Fuga. it's prolly one of the few left uncivilized native islands of this country. it's paradise, except ofcourse that there's a lot of disease that cannot be cured because there are no hospitals. and that there is insufficient food because the people from the mainland has been getting all the fishes from their part of the sea. and now tim yun, or is it tan yun, is threatening them to leave the isand. calling them 'squatters' of the land where they have lived for hundreds of years. i was furious. this business tycoon has apparently 'bought' the island for 50million pesos on marcos' regime. how can someone buy an island owned by the country? he is transforming fuga island into a fantasy island. 12000 hotel rooms, 17 golf courses and the biggest gambling casino?? this is not worth wiping out our native brothers and sisters. to think that this guy who 'own' Fuga island is a filipino, a bicolano to be exact. grr. it is so infuriating. how can someone be so cruel to his fellow filipinos? we should be helping each other rather than trying to get ahead of everyone else. it's stupid, he's got everything he wants, he's a very rich man, why take away something worthless for him from those poor natives: their home.
okay enough with the ranting, even if i was so guilt stricken for eating 'gogo', i decided to treat myself with a strawberry shake. wee! and ofcourse, ceasar salad, which the waitress calls 'cesar' haha! ceasar salad, which is also my dinner last night. i haven't eaten rice in 3 days. oh, i hope this works. wish me luck.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

caffeine high

another sleepless night. nights like this, i can only depend on coffee. coffee, coffee, coffee. but my body seems to have been immuned of caffeine, it no longer works for me. i can only enjoy it's bitter sweet taste, the heat, the aroma but not the purpose it is supposed to give me. oh caffeine, i seem to have only been living for nights when i'd get to have a reason to make myself a cup, or two, okay, sometimes three.
single life is fun, really. but sometimes it can be inanely pathetic and dull. you'd wake up in the morning and sit at the end of your bed wondering why you still open your eyes when the sun begins to rise when this day would be exactly like yesterday. it's like reliving a painful day over and over again. it sucks. and then you remember "oh, right, i can make coffee tonight" and the rays of early june sun would drop like tiny poka dots in your burnt skin, and everything would seem all right.
you'd get on with your life thinking ''just get through the day, and then you can have your coffee.'' oh joy. life is great.

Monday, January 22, 2007


spent the better half of my first day of the week by having lunch at ludy's with college bestfriends, Gel and Bop. we watched friends at 'crib' afterwards. twas a good series finale, but i am not so much of a ross-rachel fan as i am of joey and rachel. pretty weird, huh? anyway, it will be another sleepless night because i am going to finish my speech tonight. ooh, i'm so proud of how well i procrastinate. haha!