Wednesday, February 7, 2007

thrusday thursday

Even though we’re going to have a celebration on Saturday, Weng still treated us to dinner last night. A round of calamares, carbonara, buffalo thigh, I love et! Gluttony is killing me!

Went out this afternoon with weng and roselle. I was craving for munchkins, and we ended up eating isaw, munchkins and cheeseburger. Talk about being on a diet. The rain started pouring immensely on LB grounds, we can stay and I could miss my meeting without knowing when the rain will stop or we can get ourselves wet and have fun. We chose the latter. But by the time we’ve decided to come out of the rain, it’s already pouring flippantly. Twas more like ambon, than it is rain. I’d rather have gotten myself soaked, than being partly wet. We looked stupid though, and it’s fun because no one seems to care. Three college girls, laughing in the rain. I love et!

We already started the miniature set design based on the sketch plan. I didn’t know ate Bea is that good in drawing, maybe even better than kuya Paolo, but I understand the pressure of making it perfect because Gupa is freakin’ obsessive. The base is made of styro, we’re not really done with the piano, the bed and other stuff, sir Gupa is so fickle minded he kept on changing the design. He has forgotten all about the horse, but he now wants chickens. Chickens?! Ayayayay. Boo and bum picked me up, I didn’t get to watch much of the line readings but it’s ok, I think I’ll be spending too much time in practice in the following days anyway. I’m excited and scared at the same time. This production, as it turns out, is a big, big, big production! We’ll be having Philippine Daily Inquirer, ABS-CBN, several radio stations and critics attending Spring Awakening. Gupa wants to make this play on the same level as international plays, and I believe in his vision. O-kay, that sounds unbelievably cheesy.

I’m suddenly hankering for siopao. And not just any siopao, that particular siopao papa and I had in La Salle. Grr!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

happy birthday bum!

today is weng and bop's special day. bop just turned 18 and bum, 17. we had prepared bum a little surprise, we were supposed to buy her 17 solo chocolate cakes with one letter on each cake that spells, "happy birthday weng" but sweet picks was closed. so we setlled for Goldilock's choco crumble cakes. i had lunch with bop and gel in komeshi, ordered myself ika bento meal, and tamago which i didn't get to finish because i was already practicing gluttony by the fourth piece. selle and i was the one assigned to buy the cakes, so she was waiting for me in PhySci, apparently she had been standing there for a few minutes and had asked Ferdie and Romel (yep, the new COSS members, so proud!) to wait with her. so the four of us went out for the surprise, upon realizing that sweet picks is closed we went to KFC and, uh, ate. ha-ha! chase arrived shortly after, and the 5 of us decided to just buy what is available.
i cooked salisbury steak, eme cooked caldereta and boo cooked this floured eggplant which is unbelievably saraaaaap! it tasted like mojos, especially with a ceasar dip, it's heaven i tell ya! then we all gathered here in the apartment for a feast, ferdie and the other rm.303 boys didn't attend the partay, sad thought. grr!
okay, that's it for today. i have a long exam on sosc tomorrow and it worries me that i don't feel worried about it. amp.

saturday loving

nothing beats grilled cinnamon and coffee for breakfast, and having to sit with your dad and talk about global warming and other important stuff you don't get to talk about everyday. i had a blast bonding with my dad, we went to makati after dropping off uncle nick in shaw then we met up with my brother(who by the way have a 3 inch stitch on his head-frigging thieves!) in glorietta and the three of us watched Apocalypto in Greenbelt which is strictly R18. i have to lie just to get in, tsk tsk tsk. in the beginning of the movie, i could definitely understand why the cinema was so strict about letting in people under 18 because the movie is implausibly gory. i enjoyed it anyway, i think mel gibson is very skilled in making movies. ofcourse i can't compare Apocalypto with The Passion of the Christ but you have to agree that they were both made in a very intense manner. i was constantly covering my face, hitting my brother or fidgeting my fingers. i was careful not to say "shit!" or any worse profanity, so i regularly nosh my mouth with popcorn. haha! papa and kuya are not as impressed as i thought they would be, but they also don't dismiss it as a bad movie, maybe just not what they expected. kept saying we should've just watched Night at the Museum with the funny Ben Stiller, it's lighter, much much lighter than the gruesome scenes of Mel Gibson's film.

anyway, it will be another month before i get to bond with my dad again, as he is leaving for malaysia on monday. i miss him most when i watch him drive away when he and madrops me off in elbi on sundays. i don't know why.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

of korean movies

Twigs, live horse, fruits, grand piano, forest background. Few of the things we need for the set design. I am so thrilled about this production. The first and last time I was a part of any prod was back in my elementary days, “Pilandok” in Music Museum. Now, I’m working backstage and it will be a complete new experience for me. Yey! Of course, it’s all fun for now, but it won’t be in the following weeks. But I know that I’d love the intensity, the stress, the sweat and the shouting. That way, I’d really feel that I am a part of this major production.

Bought myself an 8-in-1 DVD, Korean movies. I miss those times when my brother’s Chinese girlfriend, Tracy, used to lend me her DVDs. Anyway, the very moment I got home, 1 cheese roll, a bag of Michell’s chocolate chip cookies, donut and lumpiang toge after, I popped in The Art of Seduction of which I know nothing of. I’m not really that into Korean movies to know the actors by name or to research about it, it was the first movie so I chose it. I seem to think of Korean or Chinese romantic comedies of superior quality than Tagalog films. I’m not being treacherous to my own country, but you have to admit, ours are more on the slapstick part than it is comedy with sense. But I guess I’m just comparing everything to Windstruck, which is my all time favorite movie (and also everyone else’s) I wasn’t able to finish it though; I have to run off to the sunken lobby for the committee meeting. I love the feeling of being uber productive. I love et! Love et, love et! Ha-ha.

exhaustion and jealousy

My body has been cursing me, it has this intense desire to cling to the bed and lie so peaceful beneath the covers. And yet, this body though overwhelmed with exhaustion, has been awake all day, and alert all night. I no longer feel the need for coffee, feels as if I have a supply of caffeine inside me, but I need some rest, and yet I ain’t getting any.

Anyway, I think I may have failed my first math exam. I could’ve tried harder, but I didn’t. I didn’t feel so bad because I didn’t even study that much, yes, I was awake even at the wee hours of the night, but all I did was eat and talk and eat. Nothing so productive. Only, well, sinful in a way that it makes me bloat like a shiny red balloon in a few days. I could make up for it by passing the next exam, but even that is questionable. it’s funny how well I suck in math. And how everyone else is so good at it.

A while ago, Bum confided in me about the “sweet” our friend/her crush’ is so fond of. It’s not an easy thing, jealousy. Tsk tsk. I say get out of the fire, before jealousy burns you like hell.