Sunday, September 28, 2008

but it's chase's bday

papa's home.
i still don't know how to tell him i have to go to temple on saturday. he'd be leaving next sunday, so he probably won't let me and it'll be too bad because it's chase's bday.

i'm still thinking if i really should go. i'm not a party person anyway. but it's chase's bday.

and i don't trust his driving much. because he got into an accident somewhere in alabang, not serious but still. but it's his bday.

darn. what to do?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I was hurt more than i was angry. that was the truth. because you were good to me Nikko, and whatever evilness you have in you i refused to see, because like gel, i was your biggest fan. i don't want to hate you. sometimes i wonder if it would've been better if we never found out, but then you'd still be hurting vane. you should've seen her cry, i never hated you more than that exact moment. i swear to God i swore i'd never talk to you again. not after what you did. to her. and to us. i wasn't the one you cheated on. but i felt betrayed too. because we've been friends for so long and i felt as if i knew you,

i loved you nikko, you were my bestfriend. there were some things that i could only tell you, and for good reasons too, you always listened. i thought was being cruel for not listening to your defenses, but for what? what could you possibly say to make cheating right. and with seven other girls? i look back and try to see how you could be the nikko i knew. and no matter how hard i try, i don't understand.

i know this is not about me. but Nikko, i wonder how you could've done this. i wonder how you could hurt us like this.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


still waiting for the mathh11 midterm exam results. although i'm pretty sure it won't be something worth rejoicing.

el laberinto dela verdad will be staged on monday and tuesday, yeeesss! tapos isang prod nalang tapos makakapagpahinga na ko. pero syempre hindi rin, wala kong pahinga. okay, i did sleep from 11 pm last night til 5:30 am this morning, then i went back to sleep around 8:45 and woke up at 11. so i guess, pahinga yun, right?

papa came home this weekend. we had dinner with some of their old friends at tito Dennis' house. yon. everyone was having fun, laughing, drinking wine, even kuya rammil's enjoying himself, i was at the sofa, sleeping. god i'm tired. then the next day we had lunch at superbowl with auntie irene and we watched wall-e! it was fun :)

by now, it's safe to say that my life is BORING.

anyway, vincent was here last week. i think he had fun. kahit pa medyo nao-OP daw sya minsan. he calls Chase bayaw now, so i guess boto na sya kay chase, haha!

so. run thru ngayon for el laberinto dela verdad and i still haven't memorized the alamat. and i also have to prepare for tomorrow's report, and i have to read agyu. the latter being the worse i have to do this week. haaaaay!