Sunday, October 26, 2008


i love you dear blogger account, but i've been busy with this:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

bored. bored. bored.

potato fries for lunch. just so i have a reason to use the deep fryer :)

let me be kafka

i'm planning my escape.

i wanna go biking in Tuscany, sight-seeing in Santorini. or learn Japanese so i wouldn't have to look stupid and lost in Japan. i wanna see the Eiffel Tower, and sip coffee in the cafes in Paris. Eat Tapas in Spain. swim naked in Kuta Bali (or not). do whatever illegal things that's legal in Amsterdam. i wanna lie on my back on fields of grass and let the Aurora Borealis tuck me to sleep and ride a gondola on the canals of Venice. I wanna

mostly i just wanna run away. to the farthest place my feet can take me. and the only sure thing is that i might see Aurora Borealis, and Niagara Falls. or Denise might be able to order me some Tapas, what with her Spanish-speaking skills? haha!

i know that some things don't come out right, i don't wanna leave the people i love. it's just, even though i know it's nothing else but cowardly, escape is my only way

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

pop art madness

POP ART Madness

there's so much to do. pero bored pa rin ako. dahil dyan, to the rescue ang photobooth ni kuya.

mga rare moments na i actually love my hair :) don't get me wrong, there is no way na magpapakacrazy ako ulit at papagupitan yan. can't wait for my hair to grow.

the first picture reminds me of marish, kamuka ko sya dyan, hahaha napapunta tuloy ako sa friendster nya bigla. haha!

Monday, October 20, 2008


bakit ba ang LOSER ko?

Gusto ko ng umalis dito. AYAW KO NA DITO!

dreams come true.

for the entire day my mind is preoccupied by this dream(which some chosen people, thanks to my informative gm, know) i had this morning. and i wondered if it's possible for me to lose my head over depression, but who am i kidding? i was able to survive the last three years so i can't think of anything that could possibly make situations worse except that the longer i stay, the more i get drowned.

oh well. atleast my day was a little better thanks to shopping. aside from the new clothes, i got myself new staedler pens, a unipin pen(because i was right, the pilot drawing pen i used is not available here), chaka two new books! Haruki Murakami's After Dark, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez' Memories of my Melancholy Whores. i'm so happy!! really.

about the dream:
Miggy: so what's so bad about that?
Me: edi yung waking up part. tas you're lying in bed for the next half hour thinking, IT WAS SO REAL! haha
Miggy: well, dreams do come true.

yeah, they do, don't they? for princesses, and poor matchgirls in storybooks. but for the rest of us, dreams remain in our sleep.

Friday, October 17, 2008

math11 sucks. or maybe it's just me. tinuturuan ako ni chase kaninang madaling araw and my mind flies, i can't focus when someone i'm talking to is talking about numbers. nakakaasar.

but forget about that. i'm ready for math22 anyway.

1st semester is finally over. i was a part of two succesful plays, i've got new friends, and well it's a good semester if you leave out a LOT of things. anyway, i've planned out my sembreak although i'm sure to be bored anyhow.

my to buy list includes:
  • staedler pens
  • pilot drawing pen (o2 and 03)
  • a new sketchpad (my last one's ready to retire)
  • a haruki murakami book
  • a gg marquez book
so pretty much, i'll be doing lots of reading and drawing. IM DRAWING AGAIN! which is good. because i love my new kind of art. my brother says its good, so that's good enough for me. and frankie says ang galing ko daw. well, out of all the other compliments, those two is what matters. first because my brother is the master (joke) and second because franco is kupal.

speaking of franco, the other night, at the prod party while everyone is enjoying the airconed rooms and there were probably just 7 of us left awake we got into a serious conversation. first about why i couldn't get over he who must not be named (how original), about writing (my favorite topic) and well, lots of stuff. i love conversations with franco even if he inserts theories and all that intellectual stuff only he understands, because i get a lot from it. we talked about writing, how i'm afraid to find out that i can't write. because i'm not good at it, and the only thing that keeps me writing is because i love it (and i usually get teary-eyed during this part haha) and he said that in writing, it's all you really need.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

edward stole my heart

i am going to take my math11 final exam tomorrow morning. and i'm going to fail. thanks to Edward. and his unbearable and irresistable perfection. this is all my fault i was too arrogant to admit i'd fell inlove with the guy, now i can't even sleep without thinking about him. like Bella, i was probably saying his name in my sleep too. darn it. i'm hooked. whatever drugs stephenie meyers was on when she wrote twilight, i. must. get. hahaha! it doesn't matter that it's not as well written as, say, unbearable lightness of being, who cares!! i haven't smiled so much, haven't felt this kilig over anything my whole life. and i also haven't felt this way for any other characters in any book or movie i've read and watched.

hahaha! i know i sound crazy. i am. i know i must study and that's exactly what i will do after this entry. and maybe i could read one chapter every after 10 minutes of studying as a reward. hahaha! i'm going to regret this for sure.

i think leighton would've played a better bella, and ed westwick for Edward. ugh, cedric diggory doesn't live up to my expectations, well so will anyone else. but atleast put someone a little extraordinary looking. nevertheless i'm still excited about the movie. will watch it with denise and ehm, probably pen too, hopefully.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

a very special love

last night was el laberinto's production party. syempre, tulog na naman lang ako. hahaha!

anyway, watched knocked up with kuya paolo this afternoon. then we watched lucky you (ang hot ni eric bana). when he left ma and i watched a very special love. i know i'm not much for tagalog films but God! ang hot ni john lloyd. kelan pa sya naging ganun kagwapo? grabe nahihiya nalang ako sa mga sinasabi ko. hahaha! and Sarah's funny. i just love her.

basta. ang HOT ni JOHN LLOYD!

Friday, October 10, 2008


since it's 2 am and i've got nothing important to do, i'll post some pictures from last saturday's night out with highschool friends :)
more on multiply.

with klara and gehn

with my bestfriends :)

happy man yo

ANONG SIKRETO NI HAPPY MAN? gusto kong malaman.

Monday, October 6, 2008

the first and last time math and marquez will be mentioned in one entry

just finished my second math exam, as expected, it was hard. the only difference is this time, i didn't feel depressed. maybe because i already accepted the fact that i suck at it. i was rushing the multiple choice part when i saw half the class leaving, i was excited to tell Denise and Ehm what my answer in the last part was, because i was certain it's right. and you could just imagine what kind of happiness that would bring me to get one problem solving right, and they were waiting for me outside the lecture hall, hopeful that it'll be their last time there, i was telling them that i got 3 and 12 on all sides, all excited only to find their blah faces. you know, the kind of faces you give when you don't know how to tell someone they're wrong...again. haha! it doesn't matter anyway, i'm used to it. and i'm prepared to take math11 again next sem. yeesss! another round of chase patiently explaining damn solutions to me. i remember how Tj was explaining how he got 1 as an answer in one problem and i started bawling like a stupid little poor girl on a toy store. bah! i know how to add my jeans, and count my change. that's all i nedd right? right. that and an accountant.

it's still early and already i'm done with angelo lacuesta's mermaid heart (which won the palanca) and tattoo. well they're just short stories so they're really nothing to brag about. but still, it's a little productive for someone as idle as myself. i liked tattoo, even if there're some medical terms and my father would've been disappointed if he ever found out it got me baffled. i liked it, not because my mom's name was mentioned ha, i liked it, just because.

anyway the semester's on the cliff, i'm just about ready to jump anytime soon. i can drop dead with all the failing or almost failing grades i will receive, but i can just fly and do better next time. okay, that was cheesy. but i've got high spirits. i always start the sem right, and then i get addicted to productions, and well, everyone knows what happens next. the rest of my academics suffer. i can't wait for sembreak, it's as promising as the rest of my past sembreaks. haha! Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Neil Gaiman are waiting for me at home. i'm crazy excited. i have to do some readings for my creative output/thesis and they're on top of my list. surprisingly, magical realism is the theme of my novel. exciting? scary.

i'm scared like whoa.