Monday, December 29, 2008

holiday updates

Belated Merry Christmas everyone. our internet was crazy (i have a feeling Ella has something to do with it hahaha) and i just gave up after a million try, so i wasn't able to blog for days.

nagmass lang kami sa Binan, but since Uncle Bob and Auntie Lita are home for the holidays, we spent Christmas there. which is okay. dahil mas maraming tao, so mas masaya.

i kinda missed it too. kasi last year we spent christmas at home. mas masaya talaga if there are kids around. my pamangkins went crazy over kuya allan in a santa costume. hahaha!

we were supposed to go out before and after Christmas we were all busy before the 24th so it was almost impossible. Gusto manuod ni Chase ng Tanging Ina, Nicole and I really just wanted coffee, and when we got to ATC we all wanted fried Mac and Cheese and decided to eat at Fridays. but the boys didn't want to spend too much on food, forever kuripot wala pa ring nagbago hahaha. so we decided on shakeys where we spent the same as we would if we ate fried mac and cheese (bitter talaga ako.) anyway, we had coffee after and hung out in Aplaya.

we saw Shiela btw.

kuya paolo and i were watching how i met your mother and forgot all about the time. my dad hates it when we over sleep and he also hates it when we overwatch tv, so patay kami. it was already around 4:30 and we had to sleep, fast, before my dad finds out, oh but he did hahaha. we woke up at 12 , half the day was gone but who would've thought, andami kong nagawa, i finished south of the border west of the sun by Murakami. and i finished two artworks. nag-drawing din sila kuya and si papa, it was a fun sunday afternoon :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

may God forgive the mansons

yesterday was shitty but i'll still be shut about it, except that i will always remember it as the day How I Met Your Mother and Chase saved me a few minutes before today happened. and well, today was great until i listened to helter skelter and mentioned it. soon my parents were telling me about sharon tate and charles manson and all that sick stuff. way to go! really, now i feel extremely christmassy!!! sick sick people. i can't believe they actually exist. and my mom even wanted to show me pictures of the house, and the Helter Skelter on the walls, i freakin saw sharon tate, pregnant, bloody and all. and some people actually look up to this charles manson guy! they even have his face for tattoos. SICK! okay, i can now tolerate che guevarra wearing people who don't even know the hero, just leave that manson guy in the 1960s where he belongs. and way to go manson, you just ruined a potential favorite beatles song! NOW I'M STUCK WITH BLACKBIRD!

I hope i get my perkiness back tomorrow.

i hope noone reads this before christmas. curiousity is deadly.
MERRY CHRISTMAS. and as everyone might head out to post christmas parties and all the jazz (except me) i will borrow a line from my lifesaver, How I Met Your Mother:
a friend does not let a friend drink and dial.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas list

i don't really make christmas lists, its either because i am very materialistic and can't put everything on the list or i usually don't need one. this year, i will get everything i wished for. well, almost everything. but who am i to complain, the band-aid song is enough for me to be contented, i am after all VERY blessed compared to other people.

but i've decided to make a list. just because. as i've said i can't put everything here, but here are some of...

1. World Peace
2. Jordi Labanda notebook
3. A 20-set staedtler pens :)4. Harajuku Lovers
5. Holga camera :)) (this or the classic black one, the white looks a little toy-ish)6. Moleskine Notebook

7. Mimobots (all of them! bwahahaha)
8. Christmas with Nathan and Danica

9. Adam Levine

10. James Mcavoy? Oh Yes Please!

11. The Eiffel Tower

12. The World! BWAHAHAHA
hmmm... so this is why i don't make lists. i get a little too overwhelmed. hahaha!
MERRY CHRISTMAS friends. Have a good one :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

yadda yadda yadda

ushered at the Kithara concert. i didn't think i'd enjoy it, my dad listened to a lot of classical music and it's not that i hated it, i just didn't like it as much. Denise and i watched the second to the last show. i like Canon in D and pieces by Vivaldi the most. i felt like i was being serenaded along with a hundred strangers. it felt nice. Sir Fojas is funny, they played one piece by someone anonymous, he said anonymous is the most prolific artist of all time. hahaha! Denise has a crush on that Franco guy, whose achievements are whoaaaa! He doesn't look as hot as when he plays though.

anyway, tonight's our christmas dinner (housemates) and christmas party (pantas)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008


WORST CONNECTION. not exactly that big a deal. but if it's a saturday night. with not one good movie on tv. and your cousins just left and you're bored to death not to mention sick. the only thing you could do is download games and play big fish games online. but the connection is WORSE than Worst. well it's a completely different story.

anyway, andito sila Ella kanina. they stayed until 11, i think. i love my cousins so much, i can even survive the fat comments when it comes from them. they actually think i can get any guy, achieve whatever i want, even save the world, if only i was a little thinner. sweet no? hahaha! they weren't surprised i was getting fat. the house was literally overflowing with party leftovers because my mom had a week long celebration.

so anyway. will sleep now.

singhot singa

this is tolerable. i mean, if it isn't i wouldn't survive 4days. minsan kasi okay, tas minsan sobrang sama lang ng pakiramdam ko. and i'm the kind of person na hindi pwedeng iwan pag may sakit, nadadapress ako. all day today i was stuck in my parents room, playing big fish games, which later made me dizzy. tas tuloy tuloy lang ang pasok ng pagkain, buko pie, barbeque, banana cake, doughnut, and the list goes on.. and all day din, puno ng tao yung bahay. para kong patabaing baboy na maarte't kailangan naka-aircon.

so anyway, can you imagine wala ni isang magandang movie, and i was watching tv since 3 this afternoon. good thing, pinalabas yung partition. which i love. so okay, medyo hindi maganda yung linyang "she made me want to live again" natawa lang ako sa asar. haha! but i love the movie, i did not enjoy it as it is not the ending i wanted, but it is a good movie. at ever since naman gandang ganda lang talaga ko kay kristin kreuk. basta ang ganda. ang ganda ng scenes sa field, o nung naliligo sya sa ulan. ang ganda nya sa blue, orange at pink na tela. hahaha! anyway, the lead guy was familiar(and kinda cute too) but i couldn't remember where i saw him, so imdb-ed him. so guess where?? The Guru! The Truth About Love! HAHAHAHA! so i have to say, gusto ko ang pagkalabas nya sa Partition. i totally forgot his other roles :) (names Jimi Mistry by the way)

oh well. basta sana magaling na'ko bukas. masakit umubo, parang sasabog parati yung ulo ko. at nakakasawa suminghot at sumingha.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


sick. feels like there's a big lump of puto bumbong stuck in my throat.
yan tuloy, i missed mama mia, which we were supposed to watch last night pero dahil nga deretso tulog ako, hindi na.

i've got 5 classes today, madugo compared to the two classes i have during TTh, plus its raining crazy. and i forgot my leggings, so all i have are shorts and pants, edi nagpants nalang ako. grr.

i enjoyed last night's reading workshop. pero feeling ko there's something about Nikki and Nica's house. last time i was there for reading workshop i also got sick and went straight home to sleep. but anyway i was sick since early morning yesterday kaya wala kong karapatan manisi. hindi ko rin alam kasi kung san ko to nadampot. pero shet talaga, higit sa lahat ayoko ng sipon eh. ayoko ng sakit sa lalamunan, yung tipong masakit lumunok. grr

oh well. i'm built for life's unbearable and unfair situations. (yon. nagdrama pa eh)