Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beboo Love <3

ANNA'S HOME. whattup? i'm too lazy to talk about everything that happened last wednesday. just that it was fun!
and for someone we haven't seen for 5 years, she sure hasn't changed a lot. except for the accent, which was, well, WHOA! haha!

TGIF lunch.
coffee at Starbucks.
Hookah at Bed (space?)
And off to Binan for a sleepover.
that's our first day together. and we'll be seeing lots of each other after :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mark and Kit

i was supposed to post the pictures from Friday Night's Sleepover with Jear and Nic. but yesterday right after they left i started having dysmenorea, so i fell right asleep and woke up at about 4, just in time for picking up our new dog, a Labrador Retriever, in C5. he's so adorable, he's just 2 months old so he's not that big yet, and he's color yellow. we had a family discussion about his name the other day, but when we bought him he was already named. Loveable Kit of Arcel, how cool is that? that's what it says on his papers, his call name's Kit, so our endless debate on whether to call him ziggy, or kido, or the million other names we all suggested is for nothing. Kit sounds okay though. wachu think?

anyway, I had the weirdest idea that Mark and I would be good together. I know right, where that came from, I have no idea. i laughed it off a couple of times, it keeps coming back. what, why? Hahaha! I haven't been with him all summer. nor have i exchanged texts with him or whatever. i don't know. he just keeps penetrating into my thoughts. stupid stupid overthinking.

another anyway, Imma go play with the puppy now. bye.

Friday, April 17, 2009

on killers and rockers

i seriously have to stop googling everything. chanced upon a Jeffrey Dahmer joke on tumblr and because i don't know who the guy is, i googled him. turns out he's a serial killer! ANG PSYCHO LANG EH! this is like charles manson all over again. i don't know, it creeps me out but it interests me enough to read too much about it.

anyway, on a lighter note. i saw George Harrison's son on the news last night. oh me oh my, they look so alike! and i have to say, even if George's not as famous as the other three, he has always been my favorite beatle. Because Starkey's a poser, haha! And how can i not love the man who wrote While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Something.

but now i love his son. he modeled for a magazine, i don't know what magazine though. and he was running (in a chanel pa i think) and the header says "here comes the son" hahaha! wala lang, i just found the play of words funny, and he plays too! His name's Dhanni by the way.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

River Flows In You

just came home from Piano lessons. Ms. Botiquin, my piano teacher who took me in again after forgetting about her for 5 long years, played It Was In The Summertime today which was appropriate and felt right with the heat and the noisy fan which wasn't at all that helpful. kept saying "naging kilala ako" because of Buling Buling sa Pandacan. i had to stop myself from snorting. but ofcourse, she is talented. perhaps even pretty in her youth. now she's old and perhaps a bit senile, I sighed with relief when she almost mentioned Lady Gaga but didn't, because she kept bringing her up in past meetings. but don't get me wrong, i love her. i started playing with her from age 9, i think. i can say, we go back. we're like hommies, yknow. haha!

tried to play River Flows In You, which was a bummer because i suck. things would've been different if only i didn't stop, at 13 i was already playing Fur Elise and now im starting from the beginning, well, sort of. sheesh, but at least im playing again. oh well, my goal is to be able to play that or Eyes On You before the summer ends. my fingers are so tightly crossed i don't think i'd be able to play the piano again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

caught in a middle

can't wait to have them over for our yearly sleepover. we'll see each other tomorrow, i think. it's a good thing Shoji came back home, made all of us want to see each other tons. but we're meeting up so much that i'm forgetting the reason behind not having summer classes. THESIS, sounds familiar? demmet. i'm so lazy. atleast i'm productive, piano and cooking lessons, whattup!

but i might not graduate on time. one mad idea, that's all i need for this thesis to work. and maybe, a little time and discipline.

Sunday, April 12, 2009



This summer is by far the most promising. much much thankful to Shoji and Anna who decided they're getting far too missed. Well actually, Shoji's leaving tomorrow and Anna will be arriving on the 21st. yeah, i know, di manlang nagpangabot.

Summer is Love, it will forever be! too bad i'm single. hahaha! actually, i don't mind. been spending too much time with Nicole and there's no better way to spend Summer! everything's so perfect, sana hindi ma-jinx. haha!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

beachin with our boys

it was my 18th birthday the last time i saw Shoji, so when he came home last March30 i couldn't wait to see him. but ofcourse i couldn't (no thanks to exams i wouldn't pass anyway). so we really only got together last monday, on a much awaited trip to nasugbu. i realized that no matter how many times i find an excuse to skip dinner or booze nights with them, i will always go back and realize that they're the best thing that ever happened to me! walang tatalo sa highschool while my parents were probably worrying that im ssomewhere far with 11 boys, haha, i couldn't possibly be safer. we can't even walk far without having one of them guarding our backs. forgive us for enjoying being donyas for two days, sitting pretty at our beach chairs while the boys cook, clean and take care of us. it's not so long ago that we're the ones expected to take care of them. and as we gathered round the table that doubles as bonfire with all the cigarettes lit that night we girls all sighed at how our little boys are growing up. well except for Allen, who was badly burnt thanks to his endless antics, his ugly ugly sand castle and his asking for feet like a silly marian rivera on the seashore. we used to worry so much about them, but i guess there's no need to now. Shoji's so mature. nakakagulat na nga sobra how Japan and working changed him. actually nakakagulat how we all changed. how we all went from boys and girls running around the elem building to the medyo mature mabisyo people we/they are now. haha! nakakamiss how it was all simple then and yet i couldn't help but smile at how far we've all gone, together.

we'll be back to our normal busy selves come June, and i don't want to return to reality. Nic and i can't stop talking about how sad we are that it's over. that we have to wait another year. the last 2 days were so perfect, and bitin ofcourse. next year daw, we'll do it again for four days. and i seriously can't wait. the promise of sand, sunsets andBESTFRIENDS makes me feel all warm inside. I love love love them. to the moon and back.