Friday, May 30, 2008


according to perez hilton, it looks like james mcavoy will be paying bilbo baggins in the hobbit. that's the prequel to lord of the rings for the non-j.r.r. tolkien fans.

i don't know how to react. i knew the hobbit will be coming out, one day. the trilogy's done. and tolkien fans are probably dying to see the prequel in live action, to see if it matches their imagination. and with how big the trilogy was, both the lotr producers and director knew that the hobbit will be big too. but, ugh. james mcavoy? he's not so small. and, ugh, i just don't think, he's, wah! no, no, no. it just seems wrong. i mean yeah, he probably did well as mr.tumnus, although i really don't know because i didn't and couldn't watch-but as a hobbit? i just... *sigh*
okaaay, fine, that's probably gonna bring him good honor. that's the hobbit!! my dad says it's better than the trilogy, i wouldn't know, i'm still not half done with the book-and no i'm not reading it because it's gonna be a movie, and james mcavoy's gonna be in it. i think i mentioned i am reading it in one of my david cook entries. anyway, anyway, he'll prolly play the part well. it's just, bilbo baggins is a hobbit, duh, i just. he doesn't sound so hot in the book, how will they make james mcavoy not hot? oh right. they did just that in chronicles of narnia.

but because it's jrr tolkien, the creator of middle earth, i will watch it. it won't be as good as the book, i bet, but i'll watch it. actually, we should all watch it, it is said to be the greatest fantasy epic of our time (actually that's what it says on the cover)

oh well.

eat bulaga

I had my nail done this afternoon. and the people in this salon where i usually have my manicure and/or pedicure done are big Kapuso fans. so anyway they were watching eat bulaga and i don't know what the game is called, basta the contestants are asked a question and they are given the first letter of the answer as a clue. the question was:
"anong 'f' ang meron ang tao, pero walang tao ang magkapareho nito"
i thought it was sure win, i thought everyone knew the answer is fingerprint, but the lady said "face?!"
hahaha. oo nga naman. sana nga lang walang twin-looking people like michael v. and my brother, or jared leto and zac efron. hmm, wacha think? the other question was
"sa fairy tales, anong 'f' ang pag hinalikan ay nagiging prince?"
"frince charming?" hahaha! seryoso. and i thought things like this only happen in bob ong books. totoo pala. haha!
and the last funny one was
"kung ang ateneo ay eagle, anong 'f' naman ang adamson?"
"hindi ba fidgeon?" -michael v.
hahaha! i love michael v. if i watch gma, it's only because it's bubble gang and michae v.'s there. not only does he look like my brother but he's also funny. ofcourse, bubble gang gets cornier and cornier through the years- but still, it can sometimes make me laugh.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

chapter 27

hot twins! ugh, i wish. that's just jared leto and zac efron. they look like each other, right? only ofcourse, jared is way hotter, i don't know about his music though, it's not like i tried to listen, i just don't think it'll be cool. and well, in the words of clark gable:
"frankly my dear, i don't give a damn."

anyway. i seriously need to watch chapter 27, although marish said it's no so good. still, i just have to , just to see how they made jared leto, unhot. here's a photo preview of the big change:you can't help but ignore the picture on the right. ugh

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

this blog entry is entitled: magsawa ka sa mukha ko.
sorry naman. when i'm alone and bored, i tend to be extremely vain. don't judge, we're all vain, nagkataon lang na ako saksakan. hahaha! besides this is my blog, so i can do anything with it, right?

ready??enlarge at your own risk

so anyway, cy left me a message at multiply. apparently the way way overdue pictorial photos for desaparecidos are now open for public. oha, soshal, may ganun. the moment i opened her multiply site because i just can't wait to get my hands on those photos, i saw HIS face. kinilig ako, hahaha! hay, crush nga naman. amf. ang corny. o anyway, here are the Desapics.


everytime i'm not online, i think of all these stuff i want to write about. but as soon as i open my blogger account, my head goes blank. ofcourse, i do remember the nonsense i am about to fill this blog with, i just can't seem to collect the thoughts to actually make it into seemingly meaningful and relevant paragraphs. oh well, i guess i would have to just, keep it simple:

  • i should've taken piano lessons this summer. i've already forgotten to read piano sheets, i tried to play coldplay's the scientist the other day, and well-i need some lessons.
  • i was planning to write about the CFC issue. to defend the real CFC. although i'm not sure i am in the position to defend the community, being inactive and all - but still, i am a part of it and i do have my say about it.
  • i'm broke. i spent too much this summer, even though it sure feels as if i was deprived of any summer activities. turns out i did went out and bought a lot.
  • i also gained a lot of weight which sucks because i remember spending a lot of time (well, 30 mins max) exercising with my brother. and because i bought a new bikini that would look extremely good in any body other than mine.
  • i'm not a 'brand' person. but i currently have a folder in my notebook containing pictures of overpriced bags and shoes that i want to get a hold of. including miu miu vitello lux satchel, that costs $1,150.00, i found one at ebay that costs a little lighter, P15,000++ okay?! that helped. i know that i won't be able to buy it, but still, i open the folder every once in awhile just looking at it.
  • junior year is coming and i'm more scared than my first day in college.
  • i don't want to sound like every 18 girl i know, but i hate my hair (i don't know why i had it cut anyway) and i feel fat and boring.
  • i want to watch sex and the city and win carrie's manolos at the same time.
  • sooner or later it is going to dawn on me that i wasted this summer over nothing productive when i should've 1.) wrote a bunch of poetry for my thesis 2.) read like crazy 3.) watched season 4 and 5 of One Tree Hill 4.) watched sex and the city or oc or whatever 5.) studied piano again
  • i'm ranting, aren't i?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

ek trip

i was supposed to post this yesterday, but ended up downloading a bunch of songs in my brother's limewire. and a david cook video! :)
anyway, i was at EK last friday. i was with Ehm, TJ, Weng, Selle, Mak and Chase. ang kulang lang si tine, her mom's in the hospital so she couldn't come. the only time we got together outside Elbi was... south forbes swimming. we won't all be together next sem because, well, tine, weng and selle are moving out. so this might be the last housemate-get-together. and i actually thought we'll be together for four years.
anyway, twas fun. as expected. this is a dawning-summer celebration. and what better way to prepare ourselves for the grueling next months we call junior year but to have fun right?
i'm not making any sense, basta i had a blast! :)

i love you housemates!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


WARNING: The following entry includes girly (and fr-fetched) imaginations of white lace and throwing of bouquets, you are free to puke your way through

today is zee 'rents 31zt anniversary. how cool is that?
today, David Cook won over Archuleta in American Idol. today is zee bezt diy evah! i sooo love David Cook and would marry him despite our 8 year age gap. i wonder how'd that feel, marrying a rockstar/singer i mean. i've fantasized about marrying a chef, wouldn't that be, like the coolest? you'd have someone to prepare you meals. someone to bake you cake. you'd be pissed off from work and would come home to a dinner you can't even pronounce. he'd be hot too, or not, he could look like Bobby Flay, that'll be just fine as long as he's also an iron chef

a painter, he'd paint you from a scene in his head. he'd memorize your face enough to draw you in different angles, different expressions like he's drawn you all his life. wouldn't it be the sweetest thing to one day peek into his art room, only to find a a score or more paintings of you. the day he first met you, the pink cardigan you wore with a fly-sized barbecue sauce stain in the left shoulder, the unsure yet calm look in your eyes and your lopsided smile.

a writer you'll write palancas together. drive each other mad with disagreement over The Hobbits. He'll recite poetry at dinner time, write you letters for no reason whatsoever, challenge your vocabulary from time to time. in your writing desks across each other, you'd be each other's number one critic, in bed, each other's number one fan. he'll win awards and you will too, and you'll celebrate it by writing another award winning whatever.

them, among a few more. like athletes, or professors or... well you get the point. doctors, never, i just don't think we could talk about anything, he'd be talking gibberish to me, now that i think of it he could prolly take care of me well, but i just don't see any artistic growth in a relationship with a doctor.) rockstars, well, even though i was sorta crazy bout Adam Levine for the longest time, i just, i don't know, didn't think of marrying him. but David Cook, hmmm, he must not be as hot as Adam, and though most would disagree with this, he's got a better singing voice. hmmm *dreamy* what would it be like married to a rockstar? maybe i should phone Gwyneth and ask her. if i'm married to David Cook, i'd make him sing nonstop in the shower. i'm definitely present and upfront in his every concert screaming his name like crazy. i'd have his poster over our headboard, and our doorbell would be his voice singing Dare You To Move. hahaha. i'm kidding. i don't know. i'd just probably kiss him plenty even with all the hair 'round his lips. idunker :)

(i guess it's really freaky that i imagine all this. i think girls all think of this-that or i really have a very wild imagination. oh well, one day when i read this again and felt extremely embarrassed about it, i could always delete it. right?)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2008 sched

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
7-8 MATH 11 - A MATH 11 - A-4R MATH 11 - A
8-9 PE 2-AY - AY-ST1 FIL 21 - B FIL 21 - B
9-10 PE 2-AY - AY-ST1 FIL 21 - B FIL 21 - B
11-12 ENG 101 - V ENG 101 - V
12-1 ENG 101 - V ENG 101 - V
1-2 COMA 105 - W LTS 1 - EF2 COMA 105 - W
2-3 FRCH 10 - X LTS 1 - EF2 FRCH 10 - X
3-4 FRCH 10 - X LTS 1 - EF2 FRCH 10 - X
5-6 THEA 108 - Z THEA 108 - Z
6-7 THEA 108 - Z THEA 108 - Z

this is my schedule for next semester. i was so used to having 4 'working' hours a day, and now i feel as if i'm overload, even though this is only 18 units. it seems a lot because i've got lab for math11 and 3 hour LTS. sucks. and i was actually planning to drop my thea classes because they demand so much time, and i know i said they're addicting, and i love it love it, but i've got to focus more in writing now, and with my the rest of my free time now threatened to be given solely on theater, i may not have enough time to write or to pass french 10 and math11. and i'm really dying to get good grades this semester. i didn't know they'd give me thea108 so fast, and i don't want to drop what systemone gives me, it's too much hassle. even though i'm starting to hate the idea of acting. oh well, i guess i have to work extra hard, that or fail. and besides, i'm really blessed, i always get 18 units with no problemo, i have to start deserving it. it's the first time for me to have 7 am classes, and classes up to 7pm, ayayay, this'll be harder than i thought.

i will only be able to fit in lunch dates every wednesday afternoon. ugh. i hate 1 hour breaks, there's really nothing you can do with 'em but go back to the apartment and head back to the building. ugh ugh ugh! i'm going to psyche myself that i'm enjoying this schedule. and maybe, just maybe, one day i actually will.

Monday, May 19, 2008

david cook

yey for American Idol marathon!
Unlike before, i wasn't able to follow this season's american idol. although i was able to watch some episodes. and i do know cook, archuleta and the filipina. but thanks to the american idol marathon this weekend i was able to catch up. me and my dad got super hooked, well he actually more than me. he slept at 3 in the morning last saturday just so he could finish it.

anyway, he told me days ago that Ellen Degeneres interviewed David Cook in her show. and they talked about him being eliminated and stuff. and so you could just imagine how depressed i was as he was my bet. call it bias, because he's gwapo, but he actually has a great voice. i almost cried when he sang the music of the night. and ofcourse, who could forget his version of Mariah Carey's You'll Always Be My Baby. David Archuleta has a great voice, it's just i think it sounds too boyband, he actually murdered With You with a trademark smile. but he is good, just don't let him talk-i never forgot his annoying 'oh my gosh', who would? he said it like a million times when he went to his hometown. he's a little too gay for me, but don't get me wrong he's got some hot talent. Syesha, is a good performer and she sings well too, otherwise she wouldn't be in the top three. but i was really betting on the two Davids for the finale. but since my dad told me it's Archuleta and Syesha i was watching last night's marathon and last episode before the finale, disappointed. because compared to David Cook's performances, Syesha's were not so good. i mean i know that if ever Cook doesn't win he'd still have a career, but still-he's my american idol!! i never had a crush on a finalist before, well i liked constantine, but i'm crazy bout David Cook. he's a little fat in the auditions though, he seems a little macho now. haha. and i love his hair now, compared to the first episodes. yum. i'll gladly let him cook and eat me. hahaha!! as long as he sings Music of the Night while he does it.

anyway, imagine my surprise when David Cook was not eliminated. tsk tsk, si papa talaga barbero. pero still, atleast i was shocked. cause if he didn't tell me that Syesha will be the one to compete against Archuleta, i'd automatically think it'll be Cook.

I LOVE DAVID COOK! let's all watch the finale this wednesday! :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


for someone who's got tons to write about, i sure am bored.
anyway, i was in mandaluyong for two days and two nights. i stayed at Denise's. that was from wednesday night to friday morning. let's re-cap. wednesday night, we watched Only You (Robert Downey Jr. and Marissa Tomei) and Wedding Date (the majestic, the beautiful beautiful, BEAUTIFUL Dermot Mulroney and Debra Messing) and slept, next to Maki, Denise's dog. sleeping with her dog is not exactly something i'm comfortable with.. but i survived two nights. and the dog is CUTE, so. thursday, went trinoma-ing. haha! i enjoyed it. topshop was on sale and the coolest leather bomber jacket was only for 3500, and on 50% off too. you could just imagine how it made me extremely sad. a topshop leather jacket for 1750? what could possibly be better than that? because of this trip we both ended up with a list of things we have to save up for, among which are the mustard yellow bag from Bayo, one kedette from Keds or one a little better looking from red ecko - whichever's available, and a zoo york hoodie.. after drooling over over-the-budget stuff and eating like pigs we went to the hotel where his father works, and ate dinner. had T-bone steak, i forgot what Denise had though, it was grilled something. we watched Cold Mountain (Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, Renee Zellweger) i super loved it. cried like crazy. i kept thinking about nicole's letter when she was telling jude "if you are fighting, stop fighting. if you are marching, stop marching. and come back to me. that is my only request, for you to come back to me." also when jude law was hurt and he was lying in bed telling an old lady about cold mountain, how even only the sound of the place could break his heart. "it's her" he said, "she's the (i forgot the word, was it destination?) i'm heading to". denise and i were bawling like babies. kuya ouel was right, it really is a good movie. we then watched It's A Boy/Girl Thing, it was funny, for a teen movie-i actually enjoyed it. and we left for Binan early friday morning. Denise was here in Binan from friday afternoon til sunday morning. we watched american idol marathon nonstop and read Hot magazines, and ate, ate, ate.

last night was Ehm's debut. she was miserable and i so love her, y'know, i love her with every drop of water in the sea and it sucks that the people she cares about does not give so much of a damn as to show up. i was depressed with my own debut, the make up and the hair was a disaster and some people won't be able to come. it sucks because i go the distance, literally and metaphorically. most of the debuts i went to are in manila, and binan is not really just around the corner and still i come. i do whatever sacrifice i have to just to be able to come. of the dozen debuts i was invited to, i probably only missed two or three and mostly because i had a prior commitment or another debut was on the same night. and so it's really hard to .understand why these people could not go the same distance. but i could not imagine the pain ehm must be feeling, only 15 of her highschool and college friends came. oh, the rain showed up, and that sucks. i only wish the gifts compensated for a lot of absences. but ofcourse, it will not. whenever i think about how ehm chose this party over more practical stuff because she aways say that she wants to spend this special day with the people she loves, i cry a little inside, because these people didn't show up. her 18th rose was mia. M.I.A.! i always wondered how miserable it would be if my own 18th rose was missing. i love ehm, i hope she gets over this.

anyway. i'll post some pics, once i've uploaded 'em. right now, i'm busy perez hilton-ing.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

whatever whatever

the truth is i was never honest. no, scratch that, i was always honest only i never tell the whole truth. the same goes with my blog, i tried to write the things that matters to me, the things that causes me both euphoria and dysphoria. but mostly these are the things i can't write about because they are a part of me that when revealed will leave me naked. i want to write about it, i'm tired of feeling shallow because i always write about nonsensical stuff (which happens to also be a part of me) but i can't. someday i will. i know that one day, not being honest with my craft will be a bad thing, the professors will be able to tell, the readers will be able to tell...
i know this all seem senseless. but this is a start, the most honest thing i've probably done was admitting that there is still a part of me, a part of my life that i'm not being open about.

anyway, i have a new blog. it's not an honest blog, hahaha! although i'm planning to do that. this new blog will be home to my poetry and short stories. feel free to visit and leave a comment.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

date with gelly

i had a date with gel yesterday. and although it would first seem solely for looking for a perfect gift for quincy, and pigging out-i had fun! we were supposed to watch The Other Boleyn Girl, but it's not showing at the Greenbelt and Glorietta cinemas. we also weren't able to buy Quincy a gift but we were able to eat til we bloat.

eating is my guilty pleasure. and even though i went on and on about how fat i am and how much i want to lose a few pounds with gelly, i enjoyed everything. the roastbeef sandwich-i love the potato in it too. the Rockwich that i didn't get to finish. the flamango smoothie. and the lychee champagne. hmmm.. and i didn't even feel guilty. it was the perfect date gelly.

we went by A Different Bookstore. i usually love being enclosed in shelves and shelves of books, like in fullybooked. but i love how it feels in A Different Bookstore even though it's small. Gel bought a book on love. Actually that's the title - On Love. i resisted buying Gregory Maguire's Wicked. but i swear i'll buy it before the summer ends.

yown lang.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


i was googling the miley cyrus vanity fair scandal, and well, i ended up checking out news about vanessa hudgens even from way way back (thanks to Perez Hilton and Justjared). and i really think she looks beautiful, and very stylish at that too. i was not a big fan of her, or her music, but i kinda like her now. she's got great fashion sense, well, i seriously don't have the credibility to talk about fashion, but who cares? i like the way she looks. check it out yourself:
(click to enlarge)
whadya think??

another confession. i am not a big highschool musical fan. honestly, i think it's sorta lame. i think zac's gay and vanessa, well, i used to think she was a sweet girl, that was until the nude pics showed up. but i now think that i will watch out for highschool musical 3 with much, much anticipation. why??
well..... here's why:
you've got to admit. he looks HOT.
maybe he's not gay. MAYBE.
and because of that, here's some more:
ohmy. is that jared leto??
no. it's zac.
(pics from perezhilton)

and for the last picture, because really, i'm beginning to feel embarassed for sounding like some fanatic and also for admitting that i find zac hot. i mean, he's gay although i sure hope not. vanessa on the other hand, is hot in an erotic, er exotic kinda way, as long as she keeps her clothes on. the truth is, i really do find them a hot couple, atleast in this picture:

Sunday, May 4, 2008



since i was born, having three older brothers and all, i was expected to grow up a princess-wannabe or a basketball-playing-comics-reading-tomboy. and i grew up to be neither. well, actually i'm a little bit of both. i just never really got that comics stuff, i did try to read though. my eldest brother is a fanatic. kuya Ouel is not a neat person, but he was extremely, crazily obsessed with keeping his comics fold and wrinkle free. they were the love of his life. and he got boxes and boxes of 'em. he was a collector. while everyone was wasting their money on men's magazine or something practical, like uh, food, he was splurging his with comics since the day he learned to read. and my other brothers grew to love comics too.

let's just say i'm not much for superheroes. i got to watch every marvel superhero movie made, but it doesn't mean i enjoyed it all. this gets me to what i'm really supposed to be blogging about. uh, yeah, this is just an introduction. The story is that i watched Ironman with the 'rents and my brother Paolo.

i don't like writing reviews, simply cause i'm not good at it. it's ether i like it, or i don't. and i love Ironman. All i knew about Robert Downey Jr. is that he's old, my sister in law's got a crush on him. and he took drugs. but i'm beginning to think that i'm developing a crush on him too. the dirty look works for me. hahaha! he will be appearing in another movie soon, with Ben Stiller it's gonna be a comedy(with Ben stiller whadya expect?). that's according to the sunday paper. anyway, i love Ironman, maybe because he's not really a superhero, he doesn't have any super powers or anything. he's just super smart, kinda like batman. what i like about the movie is that it's not totally dry like superman or spiderman, definitely not like Batman (although Christian Bale is so much hotter), it's actually funny. the lines are witty. and the main character is self-made superhero, what could be cooler than that?

for those who are planning to watch, stay after the movie, it's a long wait but you get to see another scene after the credits. you get to see another superhero, Nick Fury!!! maybe there's a sequel? about the SHIELD maybe. according to my brother, in the comics, Jim (Tony Stark aka Ironman's friend)will get to be ironman because Tony Stark'll die. cool huh?

the best part of watching in the cinema, is the trailer part.
Edward Norton will play the incredible hulk. weird huh? i mean, i thought Eric Bana fits the role well. apparently, according to my brother, the character is supposed to be a weakling and a nerd. so they made another Hulk to fit the comics another 'coming soon' movie is Wanted. James Mcavoy and Angelina Jolie in one movie? that's got to be hot!! i super love James Mcavoy, and i think he's deserving to get roles like this one. well, after his role in atonement, he sure attracted a lot of positive feedbacks and interest. he's one helluvan actor. Ryan Reynolds and the kid from Little Miss Sunshine are starring in this cute film Definitely, Maybe. it's a father-daughter movie with a little mix of love story. i'm surely gonna watch it, not in the cinema though, pirated DVD?? hmmm.. hahaha! Shia Labeouf in Indiana Jones? i think he's a promising actor too and i'm proud to say i was a fan since Even Stevens. hahaha. i'm not a big indiana jones girl though.

that's it. that's it. im super tired. maybe i'll edit this tomorrow...
or never.

Update: EDITED

Saturday, May 3, 2008

pitter patter

i love rain. to me rain will always be pale drops of blood, an epitome of melancholy and pain, but it is also the perfect background music for a first kiss. if you listen carefully, and long enough you'd notice how the pitter-patter sound of rain on wet pavement is the same with the sound of heartbeat inside the chest of a man inlove. rain is both romantic and sad.

i love rain. just not rain in elbi. wet pants and muddy feet don't exactly sum up a good day. i love rain when im stuck at home, nursing a cup of coffee, with a pen and paper ready. it is to me, a sporadic pleasure, enjoyed only when i'm in the mood.

i loved rain that time when we got caught up with it. we ran like crazy, but i prefer to remember it in slow motion kinda like in the movies. we opened our mouths and caught droplets with our tongue. my jeans were getting heavy and so was yours, but we didn't mind. and the running turned to strolling as we both were enjoying how juvenile it was to play in the rain. and the truth is we prolly got sick the next day, but it was worth it. we promised to drop off our things at the apartment and go out again. but we never did. and we never will.

you grew up too fast.

i love the rain. it is both extremely gloomy and romantic. kinda like you.